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Edbase is the best software platform for exams in your institution.
We make life easier for thousands of teachers, schools and companies everyday.

End-to-end digital exam solution

Edbase offers the most powerful and flexible tools for online exams.
Whether your a school teacher, a university professor or a company HR,
you are 5 minutes away using Edbase technology.

We build a user friendly interface to cut down
your assessment time up to 55%, you would spend otherwise.

Teachers First

We believe that teachers are shaping the world of future. We constantly developing
new ways to help these “Masterminds”. We simplify needless complexity and the details,
so you can start with Edbase in just a couple of minutes for an elegant exam experience.

  • You can save up to 55% of your time.
  • Create visually amazing exams.
  • Do not repeat yourself, reuse all of your questions and exams.
  • Enjoy secure and cheat-free exam experience.
  • Encourage your students with enhanced multimedia and graphics.
  • Do not carry heavy exam papers all around you.


In Edbase, we are costantly developing our core service for a better experience. You may also notice that we are rolling out great features every month. It is our mission to take make an astonishing journey for your students and employees. Thanks to our Masterminds, we collect valuable feedbacks and iterate Edbase for the better of us all.


We power online exams of 1000+ schools and business in 16 countries. Built with a comprehensive system, Edbase meets the needs of even the most advanced enterprise users with complexity.


Edbase desktop apps forces all open programs to close down before launching
then lock the screen of student’s computer to make sure candidates are not cheating.





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