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With our all-inclusive approach, all you need is Edbase.

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Edbase has a powerful question editor to enable you create
most advaced questions with videos and images. You can
engage your student like never before and assess them in a deeper level.

Teachers First

We believe that teachers are shaping the world of future. We constantly developing
new ways to help these “Masterminds”. We simplify needless complexity and the details,
so you can start with Edbase in just a couple of minutes for an elegant exam experience.

It is easy

Edbase is as easy as typing your questions on Microsoft Word.
There is no download and no plug-ins to run.
In a couple of minutes you are on your way to administering your first exam.

It works online and offline

Edbase works totally fine with the internet cut downs.
We seamlessly handle if you disconnected during an exam and switch to offline mode.
When your connection is restored, all the data are sent to Edbase servers.

Analytics helps improvement

Every data is stored in your Edbase account throughout your semester.
You can analyze individual students over the course of a semester.
You can also assess performance of your questions and exams and fine tune them.

Security Checks for Cheating

All teachers care about academic integrity. Edbase lets you implement a variety of control mediums to prevent cheating.

Lock down of the screen

When the exam starts, the screen locks down and students can’t visit any other page unless they quit the exam. That way, we ensure that students stay on the exam page.

Time limitation

You can set the duration of the exam so that it can’t be possible for a student to search answers offline. As soon as student starts the exam, the timer starts counting down.

Randomizing questions

When you create your exam, you have the option that all students can have the same exam but in different question orders.


Edbase desktop apps forces all open programs to close down before launching
then lock the screen of student’s computer to make sure candidates are not cheating.




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